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It is the most traditional type of bag and it is widely used in all industrial sectors. We are able to make open-mouth bags in combination with poli-coated paper, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE), tubular, metallized and / or aluminized papers to improve the barrier effect. In addition, special papers such as triple-white paper or white gloss paper can be used to give more prominence to the graphics of the bag.

– Application of an internal bottom: it improves the sealing of the bag against dust and prevents the product from leaking.


– Easy Open: a particular construction of the external bottom allows you to easily open the bag and quickly release the content.


– Handle: the external bottom can be produced with special materials that make it suitable for use as a handle, with a load and transport capacity of about 10 / 15kg.


– Window: application of a transparent window made of polyethylene (PE) that allows you to see the product inside the bag.


– Zeta-folding system: insertion of a polyethylene tubular, welded on the bottom, so that the polythene part of the bag is longer than the paper itself. This system allows for better filling of the bag and easier closing.

Width: from 18 to 72 cm

Bottom: up to 25 cm

Length: from 25 to 130 cm

Number of sheets: from 1 to 6 layers of paper or laminated materials