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Our history

Saccarta Spa was founded in 1948 and it is one of the leading Italian companies specialized in the production of big-content paper bags.


Saccarta is present throughout Italy and in a large part of Europe, we offer “tailor-made” packaging solutions that can meet the specific needs of each customer, each product, in each market.


Over 70 years of history and billions of bags always produced under the same values deeply rooted in the corporate culture. Our success is to have developed, not only an excellent quality packaging technology, but also an impeccable service for complete customer satisfaction.


Customers Served


Years of Experience


Colours for performing prints


Modern Production Lines


Open Mouth Bags

It is the most traditional type of bag and it is widely used in all industrial sectors.

Pinch Bottom Bags

With or without gussets, pinch bags represent the logical evolution of the sewed bag.

Pasted Valve Bags

It is the most used type of bag across all industrial sectors, designed for high speed filling.

Sewed Bags

It is the simplest type of bag, very similar to the traditional bag made of jute.

Paper bags are our Core Business

Our core business is the production of paper bags and not the production of paper and in the name of this activity we devote all our energy and resources.

State-Of-The-Art Performance

The robustness, flatness and tightness of our packaging allow for maximum filling speed and perfect palletization.

Best Papers Available

We use the best paper available in the market, without restrictions of any kind. The paper is natural, renewable and recyclable.

Quality and Service

We have a certified quality systems since more than 25 years. We guarantee quick answers, excellent service and tailor-made solutions.

Excellent Prints

Our high-quality prints allow you to promote your brand in the market in the best possible way. We print up to 10 water-based colours with standard varnish or anti-slip varnish.


We are constantly looking for innovative and green solutions to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Address :

Via Tonale 50 20823 Copreno di Lentate sul Seveso (MB)


+39 0362 577511


+39 0362 564211