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It’s an application of a transparent window made of polyethylene (PE) that allows you to see the product inside the bag.


The window bag, created in close collaboration with an important customer in animal nutrition and patented by Saccarta, aims to replace the plastic bag. It is a bag entirely made of paper with the insertion of a transparent polyethylene window. This innovative product combines the strengths of paper and plastic and it is the answer to different needs:


– It allows you to see the product contained in the bag – thanks to the transparency of the polyethylene window

– It prevents the creation of product germination and the formation of mold – thanks to the intrinsic breathability of paper

– It protects the product from insects and other external contaminants – thanks to the breathability of paper, no perforations are required (which were essential in the plastic bag).


Compared to a 100% plastic bag, the window bag guarantees higher bagging speeds, better palletization, reduced environmental impact and it is also an excellent marketing tool thanks to its perfect printability.


The window can be made on open mouth bag or valve bag

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