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With or without gussets, the pinch bags represent the logical evolution of the sewed bags with significant technical and aesthetic improvements. Once filled, the bag assumes a square shape with a stable bottom, and this allows excellent palletization and functional exposure of the product.


A wide range of barrier materials is available for better product protection and maximum thermal insulation (i.e. polythene paper, laminated film or polyethylene film placed in between the paper layers).

– Hot-melt coating: it is a special glue that is applied on the mouth of the bag for sealing. After filling the bag, the hot-melt can be heated up, allowing a hermetic closure of the bag.


– Bottom hermetic closure: diagonal sealing of the corners and of the bottom to allow better filling and palletization of the bag.


– Easy Open: a particular construction of the bag allows an easier opening and a quick release of the content of the bag.

Width: from 23 to 60 cm
Length: 44 to 127 cm
Gussets from 2.5 to 11 cm
Number of sheets: from 1 to 4 layers in paper or laminated materials