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Especially suitable for bags containing powdered milk, the polyethylene (PE) tubular inside the bag guarantees better product filling and storage capacity.


These bags are equipped with a PE liner in contact with the product functioning as a moisture barrier. They are typically used for products for the food industry or for animal nutrition. One of the products for which this type of bag is most commonly used is powdered milk.


The PE liner is available in different thicknesses, from 10 to 120 μm, in different materials (HD / LD / COEX / EVOH) and in different colours, milky white, transparent and light blue colours.

These bags can be equipped with a zeta folding system (insertion of PE tubulars, welded on the bottom, longer than the paper itself) which allows better filling of the bag and easier sealing.

The PE liner can be sealed separately after filling for greater protection and airtightness of the bag.

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