18th October 2022 – 5th edition of the European Paper Bag Day
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18th October 2022 – 5th edition of the European Paper Bag Day

To celebrate the 5th edition of the European Paper Bag Day, also this year Saccarta has supported its municipality of Lentate Sul Seveso with an educational project entitled “Help Us Grow” dedicated to young children. Together with Giunti Bookstore in Lentate, we created and donated 5 libraries with more than 100 titles each to 4 elementary schools in the municipality. Each library includes several books focused on civic education and how to protect our environment, with great emphasis on proper recycling, a topic of crucial importance nowadays.

The goal of the initiative is in fact to raise awareness from an early age about the importance of reading and respect for the environment, promoting virtuous behaviours that the new generations will have to make their own in order to preserve the territory while respecting our ecosystem.

The initiative was received with great enthusiasm by both children and teachers.